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A 2econd Win is something that will be needed at some point in our personal and professional journey. The ability to hit reset, reflect, and change courses is something that can be scary and hard to navigate. Our firm is experienced and built to assist clients with designing the exact blueprint to help chart the right course of action and next steps to create a 2econd win! We value teams, and collaborative energy while using a coaching model to drive our work .We would love the opportunity to work with your team, organization and leadership to ensure that continuous measurable growth is the standard. 





“Mrs.Fincher was excellent at helping me to staff my brand new K-5 school. She was always prompt, professional and pleasant to work with.”

Dr. Jesse Berger, Principal of Doraville United Elementary School

“Julie is one of the most dynamic individuals I know. Always positive, poised and a powerful motivator”

Jill Green, VP and Senior Counsel of Acuity Brands

“Mrs.Fincher is an amazing leader. Her ability to organize, plan and execute staff professional development is unlike anything I have ever seen. Our entire HR department was fully engaged and excited to learn”

Dr.Angelica Collins, Human Resources Director of Employment Services, DeKalb County School District

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